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A Good Sort of Day

Double yay!

This afternoon I met a family friend at my parents house to start clearing their garage to let the building work begin in March (although my mum is pushing for end of February).  I've thrown out books, shoes, clothes and lots of bits of paper.  Why is there always so much bits-of-paper?

Now I'm back home in my flat having stopped at work to get my parcel of Doctor Who goodies:  4 audiobooks and "The Writers Tale".

(And I also got a letter from my sister in the post today)

Name change etc

Just in case you missed it, I have changed my account name to bluecrowgirl from this_not_that which was a pest to type and made no sense.

Anyways.  I am waiting for my coffee machine to heat up for a quick shot or two of expresso.

Then I have to jump in the shower to get ready to meet a friend who's gonna help me to start clearing out some old gear of mine at my parents house (in the garage).  I am so not looking forward to it.

Unrestful night

Urgh I feel terrible - I slept most of the night at my desk and I'm knackered and I've got to go to work today.  Quick - strong tea! now! *smokes a few cigarettes*.  This is how hangovers used to feel like before I gave up drinking minus the pounding head. idk....  How did I manage to sleep at my desk you may ask.  Well my tablets pretty much knock me out wherever I am at the time but I like to wait until they are starting to work before I actually go to bed; then there is a small window of opportunity before I conk out.  The heating doesn't work in the bedroom and it's cold in there and not very inviting, so  I need to sleep in like 10 jumpers! 


Back to work today and it was okay actually.  Then tonight I was out at the Zen group and we had a good meeting.  Been trying to catch up with everyone's posts and then realised I hadn't updated my own!  I've been insufferably upbeat all day - hey it's nice for a change not to feel depressed/anxious/paranoid.  Day off tomorrow so maybe I should get on with waxing my wooden shelves grr I keep putting it off.  Wondering where to get a good music website with internet radio etc as Yahoo Music is going to stop on the 15th, so they said.  I don't have an iPod so there's no point using iTunes?

I haven't read this book yet but it provides an explanation of the discoveries made about the brain that it can change.

The back cover says:
"In this fascinating and far-reaching book, Newsweek science writer Sharon Begley reports on how cutting-edge science and the ancient wisdom of Buddhism have come together to reveal that, contrary to popular belief, we have the power to literally change our brains by changing our minds. Recent pioneering experiments in neuroplasticity - the ability of the brain to change in response to experience - reveal that the brain is capable of altering its structure and function, and even of generating new neurons, a power we retain well into old age.  The brain can adapt, heal, renew itself after trauma, compensate for disabilities, rewire itself to overcome dyslexia, and break cycles of depression and OCD.  And as scientists are learning from studies performed on Buddhist monks, it is not only the outside world that can change the brain, so can the mind and, in particular, focused attention through the classic Buddhist practic of mindfulness.
With her gift for making science accessible, meaningful, and compelling, Sharon Begley illuminates a profound shift in our understanding of how the brain and the mind interact and takes us to the leading edge of a revolution in what it means to be human."

The right words, idk

I'm beginning to think I'm getting a speech problem.  Lately when I try to say things I start stuttering and getting the grammar mixed up.  When people then start to listen more closely to try to understand me I get more anxious and my speech gets worse.  I don't like the sound of my own voice.  I don't think I ever have.
Oops I had an accident and went on www.lush.co.uk and ordered stuff!  (I'm supposed to be economising).  It's like I'm compelled to spend or something...

Oh well...onwards... 

My sister is ending her holiday with us tomorrow morning and I'm going to miss her.  Today she came up to my flat and we had afternoon tea and a natter.  At least she will be stopping over again on Friday night.

My holiday is over as well, I'm back at work tomorrow.  We'll be dismantling the shop windows and cleaning them as best as possible.  Seriously a challenge.

I wonder how everyone else is feeling right now, it being the New Year and we are still trying to remember to write the date as 2009 not 2008.  Maybe it's just me that is a bit slow to adapt. 

Another old pic: 1982

I won all the sports prizes!  Don't I look pleased...?  When did it all go wrong....lol

Old photo of me circa 1985

I was young once....this was taken in Pakistan during school holidays


Feeling a bit disturbed but I think it's because of taking my medication late this morning.  Today I think I will start reading a book and exercise my imagination!  I always used to enjoy reading but have hardly read anything in the last few years.  Any suggestions?